The company

Largest filter factory in Latin America.

Our structure

TECFIL is today the largest filter factory in Latin America with three units located in Guarulhos, in the suburbs of São Paulo. Learn a little about each of them:

Located in Guarulhos, Cumbica neighborhood, Tecfil Headquarters has an area of over 60,000 m² and the factory is approximately 25,000 m².

Its production is mainly focused on spin on (lubricant and fuel), Air Conditioning / Cabin Filters and Eco-Filters.

In this unit is also the TECFIL Laboratory for testing and analysis, one of the most equipped in the segment of Filters.

The TECSTOP, Practical Training Center, also located in Unit I, is a “model oil change” set up to train repairers throughout Brazil. Trainings are free and last for 6 hours, once finished you get a completion certification.

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