The company

Largest filter factory in Latin America.

The Future is Tecfil

TECFIL is an Automotive Filter industry that has been on the market for over 67 years. The company, founded on March 20th, 1953, specializes in the segment by becoming the largest filter factory in Latin America.

Its factories have high technology with state-of-the art machines and laboratories. With a highly equipped Training Center at its headquarters, TECFIL promotes several free courses in the filter segment for repairers.

Today TECFIL is reference and the leader in the automotive aftermarket segment.

Features that make us leaders

  • We are the largest filter factory in Latin America
  • Original filter brand from major automakers in the country
  • We export to over 26 countries directly and 40 indirectly.
  • Automotive filter manufacturer since 1953
  • Production capacity of 8 million filters / month
  • The best test lab in Latin America
  • We have the main certifications required by the market
  • The most remembered and bought filter brand by mechanics*
  • More than 1,300 employees
*According to Ibope Connect research in partnership with the magazine O Mecânico.


Meet our history


On March 20, Abílio Gurgel Filho founds TECFIL in Brás, a traditional neighborhood of São Paulo city. As an engine salesman at Mesbla, he glimpsed the great opportunity that arose in the filter segment, which was mostly imported. The automobile industry was taking its first steps in Brazil and would need the product.


Bartolomeu Gurgel, Abilio's son acquires his father's share in the company, taking over its command. The company moves to Rua Javari, in Mooca neighborhood, São Paulo city.


In the mid-76s and 77s, Abílio thought of building his own headquarters and acquired a land in Itaquera, due to his poor health Abílio died in 1978 and his son Bartolomeu, the second generation of the Gurgel family, continues his father's work, changing the factory for the new plant in Itaquera.


In the early 80s, TECFIL's strength was in the manufacture of special filters for industrial machines from the Camaçari petrochemical complex in Bahia and for an industry in the country of São Paulo that used a hydraulic filter.


This year, with the death of Bartolomeu Gurgel, his sons Abílio and Arthur Gurgel take over the company and the following year, in 1985, Tecfil moves to Guarulhos, on Rua Iguatu in Cumbica neighborhood. From this date, with investments in the sales team and new technologies, Tecfil makes a leap in the market.


In order to obtain ISO9002: 1994 certification, TECFIL begins a growth cycle, establishing long-term partnerships with spare parts giants and gaining access to previously inaccessible markets, becoming Latin America's leading provider of private brands.


Consolidated as one of the largest filter manufacturers in Latin America, TECFIL opens its new industrial plant in Guarulhos, its current headquarters, at Via Dutra. It was in this year, that TECFIL has conquered the position of market leader in the spare parts of Automotive Filters, remaining until now! Over the years, it has incorporated into its processes quality tools established by the automakers and their automotive chain, along with the QS9000: 1998 certification.


This year TECFIL has certified its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO / TS 16949:2002. During this period, it began the implementation of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, following the Toyota Production System. These two tools are the basis for TECFIL to continuously improve the quality of its products, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction rates.


In December, TECFIL following the ISO14001: 2004 normative model, certified its Environmental Management System, in line with the most modern sustainable industrial processes.


The company wins for the first time the “One of the 150 Best Companies to Work in” award from the Você S / A Exame Guide. Since then, this award has been consecutively confirmed year by year. In 2007, TECFIL also got the certification in the Occupational Safety and Health Management System, based on the OHSAS 18001: 1999 standard.


Unit II is opened, an extension of the factory, with the flat air filter production lines. This year also, it resumes its operations in the air conditioning filter market, expanding its production in a reserved space in its factory called “Clean Room”. It also launches its line for Rigid Frame filters and motorcycles.


TECFIL opens its TECSTOP Training Center, a space for hands-on repairers learning.


Today TECFIL is considered a specialist in Automotive Filters and is the leader in spare parts. TECFIL improves year after year, bringing to the market filters with high capacity and quality! TECFIL celebrates its 60th anniversary and the most important of its history are you, our employees and customers!