The company

Largest filter factory in Latin America.

Social Responsibility

TECFIL promotes various practices that contribute to society. Such as:

Donation of basic baskets,
food and toys

TECFIL collaborates with several kindergartens located around the company's facilities with donations of food and toys.

Winter clothing campaign

Every year, before winter, TECFIL promotes the winter clothing campaign with its employees. Clothes are donated to local institutions.


The Company maintains a partnership with a nearby state school. In this school, a study classroom was structured and a vocational technical course was funded for 16- to 17-year-olds students, with the possibility of hiring these young people to the company's staff.

TECFIL also has a school visiting program on the company's premises. Students visit the facilities monthly to guide them professionally.

Digital Inclusion

Donations of computer equipment not used by the company are made, due to the technological update to recognized needy institutions that can make good use of the equipment.

Internally, we highlight the digital inclusion program of employees, through open computer training, provided free of charge, using the company's facilities and equipment.

Active Life Project:

The project, in partnership with FPEFIT (São Paulo Sports and Fitness Federation) and the São Paulo State Government, aims to raise awareness of the importance of sport and leisure in maintaining a healthy life. TECFIL is one of the sponsors of the project consisting of rhythm classes, walks and exams such as: blood pressure, blood glucose, physical and nutritional assessments. The event will take place in 4 stages in 2014: Parque Villa Lobos, São José dos Campos, Parque Pet Tatuapé and Parque Ibirapuera, dates will be posted here.


TECFIL has a constant concern to manufacture quality products, with the least possible use of natural resources, based on actions aimed at the elimination of waste, awareness and processes modernization, aiming at the Environment Preservation.

Learn about our projects focused on the environment:

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant - ETE: Treatment of industrial effluents to enable water reuse used in degreasing lines, booths and other company activities. Environmental benefits: reduction of drinking water consumption and prevention of water pollution;


It captures and stores rainwater for use in the changing room toilets, production, administrative areas, cleaning and other activities of the company. Environmental benefits: reduction of drinking water consumption.

Waste plant:

Temporary storage of all waste generated in the Company, for proper disposal, according to Brazilian environmental legislation. Environmental benefits: Avoid incorrect disposal of waste to the environment.

GLP Center:

Reduces demand for electricity consumption in manufacturing processes. Environmental benefits: rational use of natural resources with low emission of air pollutants.

In addition to all these programs, the company is concerned with garbage collection and distributes specific garbage bins for collecting paper, plastic, metal, glass and other waste throughout its area.

Beside all drinking fountains there is the selective collection of disposable cups and to further encourage the collaborators was created the "Ecological Way", a short path around the administrative building passing through the gardens bringing them closer to the environment.